Inspired by Edward Vilga's
best-selling course RICH WITH PURPOSE,
our new Month-to-Month Membership
goes even deeper.

Along with weekly lessons,
you'll enjoy direct access to Edward,
his business partner Stefan Whitwell,
and an inspired community.

We invite you on this next adventure


Ashleigh Young

Here's the kind of exciting Guest Star interview we're doing in the RICH WITH PURPOSE Inner Circle.


Our Mission is to teach you how to grow your life with purpose and abundance right now.

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Who We Are...

Two radically different guys who love hanging out and sharing our expertise in health, wealth, and wellness.

Edward Vilga

  • 50,000 online students

  • #1 Amazon Bestseller New Thought

  • 17 Bestselling Books & DVDs

  • Yale Graduate

Stefan Whitwell ● CFA, CIPM

  • President/Co-Founder National Wealth Partners 

  • Sought-after Financial Advisor

  • Graduate of The Wharton School


Here's What You Get

Weekly Video Lessons

Easy to digest (5-15 minutes each) about Health, Wealth, and Purpose.

Powerful Reminders

Twice weekly SHORT email reminders to keep you inspired and moving forward.

Monthly Guest Stars

Luminaries from all walks of life who are truly Living Their Purpose.

Accountability Buddies

We'll help pair you with partners who will support your goals and visions.


Access to a powerful community of liked-minded Abundance Seekers through our Private Facebook Group.

Monthly Member Spotlight

Each weekly we'll focus on someone sharing their successes and challenges, enriching our entire community.

Ask Us Anything

Monthly Facebook Lives in our Private Group where you can ask Edward & Stefan anything.

Monthly Book Club

Every month will share and discuss books together that have helped us live more purpose-driven lives.

Online Financial Tools

Stefan's offering a powerful and unique online tool to get your finances organized valued at $120+ a month.


Each month will feature exciting guests in health, wellness, business, and spirituality, all living truly RICH WITH PURPOSE lives.

Veronica Webb

Legendary Supermodel, fashion and lifestyle blogger.


Bestselling author / artist with over 2 million books sold. 

Bergen Wheeler

National Director Of Talent & Innovation, Exhale Mind Body Spa / Hyatt.

Ashleigh Young


Branding and marketing expert for some of the world's best known companies including Avon, Dove, General Mills, Maybelline, and Ralph Lauren.

Founder of Your Power Hour, corporate and personal branding with a wellness twist.


Amy Ahlers


Women's leadership expert, Bestselling Author of REFORM YOUR INNER MEAN GIRL, Wake-up Call Coach.

Sarah Tomlinson


Leading expert on Ayurveda and Astrology, guiding us to help uncover our life purpose, enrich creativity, and finding one's inner truth. 

The INNER CIRCLE is for you if...

√ You want to go deeper with having a Rich With Purpose Life but you’re not sure how…

√ You’ve tried to integrate health, wealth, and purpose but struggled with commitment….

√ You sometimes feel like you’re on a treadmill, unable to really enjoy life much less discover and live your purpose…

√ You realize you need weekly check-ins and reminders, designed to keep you on track and moving forward….

√ You want to be able to ask wisdom, wealth, and wellness experts direct questions….

√ You know your life could be so much richer if you made steady, simple changes but you need some structure around that…

√ You want to connect with out like-minded seekers, people who are spiritual but also grounded, and share your journey…

Monthly Book Club

Every month we'll explore a new book together.

These will include inspirational classics to the latest research on living your best life.

We'll share our summarizations of key points as well as offer up a group discussion.

We're diving into books like...

Our Uniqueness

We’re offer a holistic approach and unite the Mind, Body, Spirit, and Bank Account with Purpose

What makes us different is that we offer an integrated approach, a master of the left and a master of the right, and we show you how to leverage each, why you need each and how to use each together...whereas most other coaches are strong in just one area -- either the spirit or the technical.  Without coaching, AND community, we can only travel so far towards our dreams.

Are You Ready to Take Action?

  • How would you feel if you can make more in 2020 than ever before?
  • How would you feel if you can finally take charge of your finances?
  • How would you feel to finally know where you're going and how to get there?
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More About Us...

Live Rich with Purpose

The Sky's the Limit

I Want to Explore Living Rich With Purpose!

Frequently Asked Questions

The first month is only $1. After that, you can grow Rich with Purpose for only $47 a month.

It's a membership not a course, although there are similarities.

Courses have beginnings and endings, and often tests, quizzes, and grades.

The membership is continuous, allowing us to share learning that builds on itself, and develop a powerful community.



It’s month to month. 
You can leave the membership at any time.
(And you can return as well, but no longer at this exciting initial offer rate.)

Definitely not.

Although this membership was inspired by those wanting to continue and go deeper, you can just jump right in. 

We've designed the membership for BUSY people with full lives.

We want you to have useful nuggets of information and powerful reminders without feeling like you're adding to your workload.

The weekly video lessons range from 5-20 minutes.

The weekly reminders and survey questions take just a minute or two to read and respond to.

On the other hand, you're also invited to spend as much time in the growing Facebook community as you like...to participate in our monthly live discussions, and to read the monthly books as well.



No––although that's where all the discussions and live, interactive events take place.

All the material is permanently archived in our private library. 

You'll receive direct emails as well.

So if for any reason you're Facebook-shy / Facebook-Averse you can still get all the lessons, reminders, and replays there.

Quite a lot!

If you email us questions, we'll do our best to answer them directly, or include them in our videos and live events.

We'll be doing monthly live events where you can ask away, limited only by time.

Same with the guest stars. We've been recording those videos, but will be doing more live ones + announcing them in advance so you can get questions in.

We really want to create a tightly-knit community, especially in these early stages.

We're listening...and we're here for you.

Still More Questions...?

Send us an email and we'll get right back to you.

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We'll let you know when the RICH WITH PURPOSE Inner Circle opens again.

We’ll also share weekly Wellness, Wealth, and Wisdom tips, including Edward Vilga’s FREE Meditation of the Month Club.

We’re so excited to be on this Abundance Adventure with you!