A Unique 8 Week
Online Course


Takes Only 2 Hours Per Week

  • 30 minute GROUP lesson (w/ Q&A)
  • 30 minute PRIVATE session
  • Daily email reminders
  • 10 minute daily practice 


Andrew Field

Director of Finance and Strategic Planning at SourceMedia

I particularly look forward to practicing with Edward as a compliment to my work in finance.
He is aware of job and life stresses and offers routines that help manage and improve my energy and shift my perspective.

Learning from him has dramatically improved not only my health, but also my focus.

"Edward Vilga is my absolute favorite zen master, helping me to set intentions and find focus."

-Jan Sage 
Vice-President Marketing & Promotion
The Walt Disney Company

Andrew Finkelstein


Founder-CMO • Busy.Salons.com
Former CEO • The Beauty Resource
Certified High-Performance Coach

Working with Edward dramatically reduced my stress more than I ever imagined it could.  (And I'm a Certified High-Performance Coach)!

A regular yoga practice is, IMHO, essential not only to one's overall health and energy, but contributes mightily to a person's overall performance (both in and out of work).

"Edward Vilga is both a totally serious and focused teacher who’s also playful and fun.  Since my job requires more and more traveling––and now with Covid––I’m pleased to say learning with him online has been equally effective and enjoyable.  


Trust me: if you want results, he’s your guy!"


-Joseph Mascali
Vice President - West Coast Team Leader at Procor Solutions + Consulting, LLC.

Jennifer Rosa

Partner • Mayer | Brown Law

As an extremely type A lawyer, I have always been someone who operates on a high stress level, and friends would always tell me to try yoga or meditation. 
I was completely skeptical and very resistant to the idea.

I thought it was a little too “out there” for me, I felt embarrassed to go to a class and not know what I was doing, and then the few times I did try a class, it just didn’t click at all.  

Fast forward through a personal health crisis and a begrudging acknowledgement that I needed to focus more on my well-being.  

A close friend dragged me to a yoga class on my birthday that year (insisting we do something healthy before indulging in wine and cupcakes). 

We found ourselves in Edward’s class, and I am now a yoga convert!  
Because of Edward’s amazing teaching style, I felt totally comfortable in class and he completely changed my mind about yoga from that very first class. 
I’ve now been at it for almost two years, and I feel so much healthier and stronger physically and mentally.  
And it’s been even more important to me during the pandemic.

Between being hunched over a laptop in my small apartment all day and dealing with all of the additional stressors we all are dealing with at work and in our personal lives, yoga gives me the chance to get in some much needed movement and feel more grounded mentally.  

Veronica Webb

Supermodel •  Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger


Edward is that rare teacher with an advanced practice who’s able to share everything he knows with total beginners in a way that makes everything completely accessible and non-intimidating. Be prepared to laugh your way through your growing pains.

Sezin Cavusoglu

Vice President, Bravo Current Production at NBC Universal


Edward taught an incredibly innovative workshop for TV executives at Bravo & Oxygen.

He offered practical stress reduction techniques which we could utilize to unleash our creativity. He is a sophisticated thinker and his methods of teaching made everything accessible and inspiring. It was a wonderful introduction to mindfulness and wellness practices in a corporate setting.

Terrence McNally

5 Time Tony-Winning Playwright 

When I began studying with Edward I was recovering from a surgery. 

Edward is extremely resourceful at adapting poses and finding the right variation or adjustment.

This comes from both a thorough understanding of the physical practice and from his sensitivity as a teacher. 

I recommend him heartily.

"I admit I was a total skeptic when it came to yoga.


I was really not sure it was right for me or that I could even do those crazy poses.


Edward Vilga changed all that.  He not only made it accessible, he made it fun.


The benefits in my health have been tremendous, and perhaps most in my decreased stress."


-Jeremy Hernandez
Lead Client Manager, The Real Real
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