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A Unique 8-Week Course (online)


Designed for Busy People Who Can't Touch Their Toes (and who have too much stress)

No Incense / No Chanting


Only 12 Minutes a Day 



  • Works around your schedule

  • 3 Live Q&As with a World Class teacher

  • Entirely Online



Minimal Time Commitment / Maximum Results

Learn the Basics / Learn them Right

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Transform Your Stress
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For the last 20 years, I've been teaching stressed-out executives how to reclaim their peace of mind through a unique wellness toolkit.


It's worked for tons of executives including CEOs, Hedge Fund Managers, Corporate Lawyers, small business owners and so many more successful people.



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You've Worked Hard...

You're Successful...


And Now You Have the Stress to Show for It.


Right Now...

  • You know you NEED TO STRETCH and DE-STRESS but you just don't have the TIME?

With Executive Yoga...

  • IMAGINE being more flexible and less tense in only 12 minutes a day.


  • You're UNCOMFORTABLE showing up for a group yoga class (even if public ones were still being held)?


  • Consider how relaxing it would be to learn in the comfort of your own home, especially with private instruction.


  • EVERYONE KEEPS NAGGING YOU to try yoga but you don’t know where to start.

  • Realize you’ll have a complete beginner’s introduction, but one that’s concise and tailored to your needs.

    (Plus everyone will stop nagging you!)


  • You’re TOO STIFF RIGHT NOW to even consider trying yoga (especially all those crazy shapes you see people doing).

  • This program is designed for those who can’t touch their toes. Whatever modifications you need, whatever your current fitness level, we’ll find a way to make it work.


  • You’re NOT A HIPPIE –– chanting and incense just aren’t for you.

  • That’s cool and neither are we. We’re not offering that…just movement and flow and breath.


  • Can't I do this ON MY OWN? –– with a book or a video maybe.





  • In theory, you sorta could.

    But in reality, without a system and accountability, almost no one develops a real practice that way.

    More importantly, you'll be missing expert, 1:1 instruction that will help you get things right, modify, and save you tons of time.


  • This sounds AMAZING but I want to wait until my vacation, the kids are back to school, I have a flying car, or ________.





  • If you’re feeling stressed now, it’s the perfect time.

In fact it’s necessary.

It’s very unlikely life is going to get less complicated and stress is cumulative.

You owe it to yourself (and those you love) to explore getting healthier and happier today.

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•  Over 50,000 Online Students

•  17 Bestselling Books & DVDs

• #1 on Amazon for Wellness



Edward Vilga has spoken at or created events for dozens of companies including...

Edward Vilga has appeared in over 100 articles, interviews, and TV shows.

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Andrew Finkelstein

Founder-CMO • Busy.Salons.com
Former CEO • The Beauty Resource
Certified High-Performance Coach

Working with Edward dramatically reduced my stress more than I ever imagined it could.  (And I'm a Certified High-Performance Coach)!

A regular yoga practice is, IMHO, essential not only to one's overall health and energy, but contributes mightily to a person's overall performance (both in and out of work).
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