I’m so glad to be working with Edward on my new book.


In fact, it’s not just helping my work, the approach we’re taking is carrying over to other realms (just like yoga.)


I’ve gone from bitchily complaining about being stuck and fully believing in its inevitability/intractability to willingly re-thinking everything, trying new ways to work and organize my life–and I’m enjoying the process.


Most importantly, I’m amazed at how much we’ve accomplished in a short time through smarter strategies and greater efficiency and accountability.


He’s definitely been a breakthrough genius for me.


 • Elizabeth DeVita-Raeburn

The Death of Cancer

FSG: 2015

Reviews include:
  • New York Times
  • New Yorker (by Malcolm Gladwell
  • Publisher's Weekly (starred review)
  • Kirkus Starred Review

“Working with Edward completely ignited my creativity and self-expression. 
I began working with him at the very beginning of launching my career as an empowerment coach for other women. He helped me create my first workshops, my first emailings, my first offerings all in a way that expressed my unique gifts and talents. 
Our work together made me more confident to put myself out there in a big way. Having his weekly accountability and support was priceless. 


Since working with Edward, I’ve gone from zero to hundreds of clients with a wait list for both my group and 1-on-1 programs. I’m loving my life and finally free to be the real me in my business!”  


• Julie Santiago

Working on a book–or any long writing project–can sometimes become overwhelming, with so many moving pieces to keep in place.
I found myself in such a spot not long ago, confused about where I was going.
I desperately needed another set of eyes on me and my project. I called Edward for a quick “jumpstart,” and after one call I had a schedule for the upcoming two months and a plan for how to proceed.
That call–and Edward’s follow-up a few weeks later to see how I was doing and to slightly modify the program–were an enormous help. I’m moving ahead and the book is almost done. Thanks, Edward.

• Paul Raeborn

Do Father's Matter?

As the father of a rapidly growing and changing little girl, I gained more from Raeburn’s work than all the daddy lit put together.

— Kent Black, The Boston Globe

“A zippy tour through the latest research on fathers’ distinctive, or predominant, contributions to their children’s lives, “Do Fathers Matter?” is filled with provocative studies of human dads — not to mention a lot of curious animal experiments…[Raeburn] is an ideal guide to tricky, uncertain research in a nascent field.

— Mark Oppenheimer, The New York Times

Do Fathers Matter? ... “gathers an impressive diversity of studies into a single, highly readable volume, covering such topics as conception, pregnancy, infants, teenagers and aging fathers.”

— Bruce Feiler, The Washington Post
Edward Vilga was instrumental in helping me launch my first book.
His personal recommendation to my “soon to be” agent gave me the foot in the door I needed to be taken seriously in the literary world.
Edward was equally fabulous through the stages of the book’s development with his own flavor of encouragement and his “can do” approach (exemplified by his many published books and dvds).
This spilled over into a copious supply of enthusiasm and positivity for my project.
I am eternally grateful for his advice, generosity and kind demeanor as he worked with me through this very successful process.


• Sarah Tomlinson

When writing a memoir, I felt a bit like a hoarder.
All my stories were in boxes, everything felt important, and I sometimes got paralyzed.
Edward gently and strategically helped me ‘unpack’ those boxes, find a straight path, and through a course of action he designed just for me, helped me complete the draft.
Straight up, he gets shit done. 
Why? Because he’s done it himself.
Without him this project would still be on some old to-do list.


• Annie Sertich

“I am heartily recommending Edward Vilga as a Creative Guru for getting published or produced or moving through creative and life challenges.
After consulting informally with him about my business and life, I can say that working with him will be effective, playfull, compassionate, and inspiring.
You’ll have all sorts of breakthroughs, both artistically and professionally, and thoroughly enjoy the process, too!”


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