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What You Get in the Inner Circle

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Announcing a New Membership with...

  • Weekly Coaching in easy to digest units (30-45+ minutes) towards Financial Mastery 
  • Regular exercises to reconnect with your purpose 
  • Exclusive access to insights from both Edward and Stefan
  • A powerful online tool to get your finances organized (valued at $120+/month)
  • Special Bonuses: interviews with transformation leaders and business experts
  • Accountability: support from unique tools and accountability buddies to track your progress
  • Access to a powerful community of Spirit-Minded Abundance Seekers
DISCLAIMER...(because this is NOT a Get Rich Quick Scheme)

Our Uniqueness

We’re offer a holistic approach and unite the Mind, Body, Spirit, and Bank Account with Purpose

What makes us different is that we offer an integrated approach, a master of the left and a master of the right, and we show you how to leverage each, why you need each and how to use each together...whereas most other coaches are strong in just one area -- either the spirit or the technical.  Without coaching, AND community, we can only travel so far towards our dreams.

Who We Are

Two radically different guys who enjoy hanging out and helping others master the Intersection of Wealth and Purpose.

Edward Vilga

  • #1 DailyOM Bestselling Creator
  • #1 Amazon New Thought Author
  • 10 Bestselling Wellness Books & DVDs
  • Yale Graduate

Stefan Whitwell ● CFA, CIPM

  • President/Co-Founder National Wealth Partners
  • Sought-after Financial Advisor
  • Graduate of The Wharton School

Are You Ready to Take Action?

  • How would you feel if you can make more in 2019 than ever before?
  • How would you feel if you can finally take charge of your finances?
  • How would you feel to finally know where you're going and how to get there?
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Again, We Offer You:

Benefit 1

Weekly coaching from Edward and Stefan on the intersection of Wealth, Health and Purpose

Benefit 2

A community of spirit-minded abundance seekers to support you and hold you accountable

Benefit 3

Proven techniques to reduce stress, relax in the face of chaos, and build confidence

Benefit 4

Entertaining bonus interviews with transformation experts and business leaders

Benefit 5

Private account on a powerful cloud-based financial organizer (valued at $120+/month)

Benefit 6

Book reviews of leading edge books that can help you grow and boost your business

Benefit 7

Breathing lessons that will invigorate you and give you Jedi-like mind control over yourself

Benefit 8

F.I.R.E. (financial independence, retire early) coaching for business owners and executives

Benefit 9

Ways to discover the emotional blocks that prevent your building greater wealth

Benefit 10

Techniques for effective goal setting and emotion-harnessing to grow your wealth

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s month to month. 
You can leave the membership at any time.
(And you can return as well, but no longer at this exciting initial offer rate.)

The first month is only $1. After that, you can grow Rich with Purpose for only $47 a month.

Live Rich with Purpose

The Sky's the Limit

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